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to our three 2022-23 Music Education Advocacy Competition winners:

Lisa Werner

St. Bruno Parish School, Dousman, WI

“Taking a Chance on Music”; Mission “SOSITA”; and Mozart's "Musikalisches Würfelspiel" reimagined”


















Patricia Davis

Geneva Conservatory of Music, New York, NY

Lesson Plan Title: "Rhody's Big Adventure - A Stay-at-Home Travel Adventure"











Eva Conley Kendrick

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, Medfield, MA; Dean College, Franklin, MA

Lesson Plan Title: “Let the Chorus Sing (O Music)" 

Eva Conley Kendrick.jpg
Patricia Davis.jpg

The grand prize winner, Lisa Werner from Dousman, WI, was awarded $5,000 for her project entitled “Advocacy Project - “Taking a Chance on Music”; Mission “SOSITA”; and Mozart's "Musikalisches Würfelspiel" reimagined”. This was a presentation/lesson plan type of project with multimedia components that teachers may use in the classroom.


She says about her musical passion: “I desperately want to help advocate for music, as I know how important music is in the lives of the students I teach, and people around the world. Sharing the connections music can make is something I feel very strongly about. I want others to understand the importance of studying music and how music brings people together!”


Lisa Werner serves at the Band Director at St. Bruno Parish School in Dousman, WI and Senior Symphony Orchestra Manager of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. She has a Bachelor’s degree in instrumental music education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a Master’s degree in conducting from the American Band College. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and is also certified by National Geographic, and as a Google Educator.

Lisa Werner.jpg

The second prize winner, Patricia Davis from New York City, NY, was awarded $2,000 for her project entitled “Rhody’s Big Adventure - A Stay-at-Home Travel Adventure". This was also a presentation/lesson plan type of project for classroom use.


She describes her project as follows: “I have composed a set of musical variations that serves as an innovative teaching tool for my violin students. It sparks imagination, enthusiasm, and creativity. The competition's description resonated deeply with me and seemed to be along the exact lines as what I have been striving to accomplish.”


Patricia Davis is an NYC-based violinist, music educator, Suzuki violin teacher, and composer. She is currently performing on Broadway in Phantom of the Opera and The Music Man and has performed for many years at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Patricia earned a Bachelor of Music at the Eastman School of Music, an ARCM at The Royal College of Music in London, and both Masters’ and Doctorate degrees from the State University of New York-Stony Brook. She is on the faculty of the Geneva Conservatory of Music in New York City where she serves as an instructor in the Suzuki Method.  

The third prize winner, Eva Conley Kendrick from Medfield, MA, was awarded $1,000 for her project entitled “Let the Chorus Sing (O Music)". This project is a composition for four-part chorus with parts for elementary, middle, and high school students, a simple tune richly packed with symbolism.


Drawing directly from the music of Lowell Mason, and combining his two passions of American Sacred Music and American Music Education, she explores some different musical stylistic qualities including straight 4-part harmony, jazz harmonies, syncopated rhythms, and Renaissance vocal madrigal sounds, to symbolize the diversify of the musical styles being communicated. Eva skillfully combines both sacred music with a plea for music education advocacy, in its diversity of musical styles by enabling the plea of “Let the Chorus Sing” and removing barriers to this in our schools or in society in general.


Eva Kendrick is a composer, vocalist, and voice instructor. She is the Director of Music at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Medfield, MA, the same church where Lowell Mason served as the organist and music director. She also serves as the director of the Eva Kendrick Voice Studio and is the Professor of Voice of Dean College in Franklin, MA. She was also the Chair of the Community Music Center of Boston where she was composer-in-residence. She received a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Rhode Island College and a Master’s degree with distinction from the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA.

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