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 Innovation, Inspiration, Inclusion


Lowell Mason was the champion of public school music education. The Lowell Mason House is working to re-imagine his 1792 birthplace in Medfield, MA. While Lowell Mason was innovative for his time, we are working diligently to make sure the Lowell Mason House community continues to be innovative and forward-thinking.

We are launching the 4th annual Lowell Mason House Competition with the theme of Innovation, Inspiration, and Inclusion. While the organization is working very hard to raise money and awareness for renovating the building in Medfield, we continue to look to the future of music education advocacy.

In the past, we have asked competition participants to share their best music education lesson plans. Another year we asked for videos about the importance of public school music education. Last year we requested that competition participants re-interpret a piece of music for the modern era.

This year we are looking to the Global Community of the Lowell Mason House to be innovative, inspiring, and inclusive.

2023 Competition Guidelines:

Create an original video, podcast, or blog of 5 to 10 minutes or less.

The key elements should be:


1) What or who inspired you to be a music educator or musician? Provide one or two examples of innovation that fed this inspiration.

2)Within the global music educators/musicians community, what teaching practices and/or technology applications do you use or envision to encourage the exchange of music, ideas, and innovation?


3) What could the Lowell Mason House do to foster innovation, inspiration, and inclusion?

Thank you to all who applied!


1st Place:
Ella Stark

2nd Place:
Brandon Chan

3rd Place:
Esther Figueroa

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